Who can benefit from exercise physiology clinics

If you suffer from any sort of health condition, for example hypertension, coronary heart disease, asthma, fibrosis, obesity, diabetes or neurological conditions, you can benefit by visiting an exercise physiologist. It is beneficial for people suffering from the above-mentioned medical conditions to visit a physiology clinic in Newcastle.

Exercise physiology clinics in New Castle help patients suffering from various diseases

Cancer treatment has a major impact on an individual’s life and it can create issues which compromise their physical and mental well-being. However, it has now been researched that exercise should become a part of cancer treatment and rehabilitation. Patients who exercise on a regular basis experience fewer side effects from chemotherapy medicine. It can help minimize the fatigue associated with cancer treatment and can also bring relief from mental trauma. Exercise can greatly improve one’s mood and also create a feeling of relaxation.

Individuals who are living with schizophrenia have a chance of developing other health conditions as well. Many of them are either overweight or obese or suffer from some sort of metabolic syndrome. This can raise their risk of heart disease and stroke. However, all of this can be avoided by the help of exercise. Exercising will help enhance their psychological wellness and also reduce the negative symptoms of the disorder.

For someone who has suffered from stroke, several debilitating symptoms can last for months or even years. They may suffer from weakness or paralysis on either side of the body and sometimes both. It can lead to difficulty with speaking and loss of vision as well. However, in order to make an early recovery, an exercise physiologist at Newcastle clinic will help improve their physical capability and work upon strengthening muscles and enhancing their balance and coordination. The amount of activity required by the patients depends on the individual. The physiologist will design a program which will take into account the preferences and the ability along with other medical conditions, to devise a proper plan. Most of the time, a stroke survivor may not want to exercise simply because they are too tired to do so. However, exercise has the opposite effect and it can actually help them feel better.

Chronic heart failure is a disease which hits thousands of people on a yearly basis. It’s the failure of the heart to pump enough blood throughout the body. However, with a change in lifestyle and exercise, symptoms can be improved and the patient can live a high quality life. An exercise physiologist is able to design a program which can help people with heart failure to exercise safely and improve their body functions. This can help improve their endurance and maintain independence. It can also help reduce depression and symptoms of anxiety.

Exercise is the best medicine. It can help counter a number of physical ailments. We recommend that you visit Hunter Rehabilitation and Health in Newcastle to get the most benefit from exercise.