What you need to know before buying a breast pumps?

You may have heard about women who have successfully mastered the art of pumping. Despite the fact that it may look like a daunting task it is quite simple once you get a knack of it. Whether you are pumping to head back to work or simply to spend an evening with friends most mothers usually require a break from breastfeeding. The breast pump is one device which can help you do so.

It not only allows you to pump milk and fill up the bottle but can help maintain your milk supply and also relieve engorgement. The following are a few facts which you should understand about pumping.

When should you buy breast pumps?

You must invest in a breast pump if you feel that pumping makes some sense to you and would be valuable for you in the long run. There is no right time but it actually depends upon your situation. Most mums prefer to come right after the baby is born they may start doing so in the hospital or the birthing center. They usually do this to initiate the milk supply or perhaps they might not have time to breastfeed the child all the time.

There are some mothers who wait a few weeks before they start to pump. Probably they want to spend the early days of breastfeeding with their little ones. The experts advise holding off on giving about self until breast feeding is well established. This is especially important if the baby is premature or has special needs.

Till the time the baby is about 2 month old breastfeeding becomes well-established and there is enough time for mothers to pump extra milk which they can store to use later.

Tips for pumping

Pumping doesn’t have to be a worrisome task instead if you are relaxed you would be able to produce more milk. The key is to find a comfortable and quiet spot where you can sit and relax. do some deep breathing exercises on meditation anything which helps you less stress and anxiety. You can then start a soft breast massage of place a warm compress on your breast to encourage let down. Sometimes having a baby near to you can also be useful. If you are away from home then looking at a photo of your baby and imagining her smell and feel in your arms put interests let down as well. You would also need to create a good seal. Always place the pump on the center of your breast. If you are using a mechanical pump it is better to start with a low suction and increase it as the milk flow improves. Pumping shouldn’t hurt and therefore you would be able to set your pace accordingly as you start getting the hang of it.

There are several benefits of pumping for mom’s as well as the baby. If you are able to store your milk your baby can continue to benefit from the breast milk even after you stop nursing.

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