Varied services offered by chiropractors in St. Kilda

Many hats during the course of their careers are worn by chiropractors St. Kilda. Chiropractors have long been viewed by many people as professionals that are capable of adjusting hips, necks, and backs.

Yet, chiropractors offer other services other than adjusting backs, hips, and necks. However, the chiropractor is the best professional to have in your corner when suffering from back and neck issues.

Nervous, Skeletal, and Muscular Disorder Treatments

The HVLA or high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust is the hand method used by chiropractors to realign the joints and bones of the spine. Their training allows them to apply force to sore joints to loosen them.

Injuries to the back are avoided with the proper restoration methods used by chiropractors. Some of the neck and back problems that can be addressed by a chiropractor include:

Myofascial Pain

Pain is caused when inflammation occurs in the muscles of the fascia. The inflammation will form painful “adhesions” or “knots” in the fascia muscles. These so-called “trigger” points have to be released by a chiropractor to do away with pain and inflammation.


The blinding headaches brought about by migraines often start from pain in the neck. These intense headaches respond well to a treatment process from a chiropractor.

Sports injuries

A wide range of sports injuries can be treated by chiropractors. This includes sprained ligaments, strained tendons, and torn muscles.


Any improper alignment happening in the lumbar spine often results in a type of pinched nerve. One of the top symptoms of sciatica is leg pain. A chiropractor will be able to ease or reverse leg pain by using the HVLA treatment process.


One of the most common injuries occurring in the spine is whiplash. A car accident, for example, can cause trauma on the spine when the collision makes the head to whip back and forth on the neck’s axis.

Other Treatment Processes handled by Chiropractors

Other than HVLA treatments, chiropractors offer a wide array of surprising services that can relieve pain and inflammation. This includes:

Traction Therapy

Pinched nerves add extra pressure on the spine. The best way to decompress the pressure is to use traction. Chiropractors using traction therapy will stretch your spine using mechanical types of equipment such as slings or pulleys. Patients suffering from bulging discs or degenerative disc disease will find traction therapy particularly effective.

Ultrasound Therapy

Heat is created deep inside the muscles using the sound vibrations of the ultrasound therapy. The heat provided by the ultrasound therapy instantly relaxes the muscles and increases the blood flow. The combination of massage and heat therapy are the best benefits brought on by the ultrasound therapy.

Hot and Cold Therapy

The alternating rounds of applying hot and cold packs work best for arthritis and other forms of joint injuries. Treatment starts with the application of cold packs as a way to reduce inflammation or local swelling. Then the chiropractor switches over to heat wraps or pads to increase the blood flow. Using this method attracts white blood cells to focus on the affected areas.

A chiropractor is the professional you need to visit when you want pain-free and simple solutions to back and neck pain. The quality of living becomes compromised in the presence of pain. Living with pain should not be an option when there’s a professional that can make it go away. We are ready to help. Contact us at Thrive Chiro Life in St Kilda.