The advantages of using a shower bathing trolley for patients

A shower bathing trolley is ideal to be used by patients who have low mobility and would need easy transfer and access for the carer to ensure that the bathing is comfortable and convenient. A shower trolley is generally mobile so that it becomes easier to transport the patient from the room to the bathroom.

Before you purchase a shower trolley it is important that you should look for a design which has great usability and also the ability to meet the demands of the patient. This is why it is important that you invest in a safe and stable trolley which would allow the caregiver alternative methods of giving a traditional bath.

The advantages of using a shower bathing trolley

There are several advantages for a medical facility to invest in a bathing trolley these include all of the following:

  • It is easy to adjust the bathing trolley according to the height of the patient and also to adjust the tilt so that patients with different mobility can take a comfortable bath. There are certain clients who would not like to have water near their height area so the height adjustment can be made accordingly. Since the trolley is adjustable it makes transferring cleaning, drying and dressing the patient quite easy.
  • Generally all shower trolleys are easy to use because the platform can be easily moved. There are also options for hydraulic and electric actuation which come with a pedal or a handset.
  •  A shower trolley is designed in such a way that the stainless steel safety rails keep the patients supported and also allows the care giver complete peace of mind to use it in a confident manner.
  • The shower trolleys are already available from sizes which can be used for bariatric, adult as well as younger patients. The wide top of the bariatric trolley can even be used for adults as well.

It is necessary for care giver to consider the physical abilities of the patient so that they are able to purchase the right kind of shower trolley. Certain considerations which might include the current and the future mobility conditions along with the amount of support which is required would allow them to purchase the right kind of treatment at all patients has slightly different need and it is ideal to find a trolley which is not only multi functional but can be adjusted according to various settings so that it is more cost effective in the long run.

All medical practitioners must consider the clinical measurements and postural changes of the person so that the setup of the trolley can be determined and the correct frame size should be purchased. The transfer ability and method also need to be determine along with the function weather it should be in a tilted position or and upright position. Last but not the least; make sure to consider the physical ability of the patient so that the hygiene can be made easily.

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