Sports Physiotherapy Clinics

All that you wanted to know about sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy refers to the practice of therapists helping prevent or treating injuries which occur during playing sports. The basic work of a sports therapists involves the following

  • Giving safe and practical advice to athletes of all ages to prevent falls and injuries
  • Designing a set of healthy physical training exercises well suited for specific sports persons
  • Treating injuries which an athlete might undergo while playing sports

Sports physiotherapists are individuals who have specialised in dealing with people who play sports. They have taken advanced physical training courses and are qualified to deal with all individuals who play sports.

A sports physio provides the necessary advice to improve an athlete’s performance. They carry out rehabilitation programs for individuals who have been prone to injuries in the past. The basic aim is to design certain exercise which help prevent muscular injuries and keep the athlete’s performance at a certain level. They make sure that all these activities are carried out according to safe professional and ethical practices.

A sports therapist works in the following capacities

  • Most therapists work with active athletes helping them improve their game.
  • Many also work with athletes who play on a social or club level
  • Some even work in sports clinics which cater specifically to athletes

Attributes of a good sports physiotherapist

  • A therapist should be caring. All problems of their patient should be looked into carefully. Also a caring person is able to build a rapport with their patient much easily. This helps build a certain level of trust and treatment is administered more successfully. Imagine a sports therapist who is disinterested in your problem and acts all professional and cool. Not a very good picture, therefore it’s important to go for someone who has a reputation of being caring.
  • Someone who is passionate about their work. Physiotherapists are looking at ground breaking research each day to help their clients become better athletes. Someone who is serious about their job would find ways to look into new research and alter their methods.
  • Experience and qualification are important. However it’s also important that their experience is put to good use.
  • Though a routine therapist may see you from 9 to 5, but you need someone who is flexible with their timings and who can see u if you feel the need to so besides office hours. Not all therapists are accommodating. However, it’s smart to choose someone with a more flexible schedule.
  • Choose someone with a good sense of humour Obviously it isn’t going to lessen your pain but their attitude can actually help you relax. A relaxed patient is easier to treat plus things can be less painful if you are in capable hands of someone who is kind and funny as well.
  • Humility is also another trait you ought to be looking for. A humble therapist is humble and lets their work speak for itself. They are not forever highlighting their famous clients or talking about them.
  • Honesty is the best policy. This is the most important aspect. Someone who is honest would not build up your expectations only to have those come down later on.

Choose your sports therapist wisely and you are bound to find your game improving.